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One of the biggest key issues with all ex-servicemen and women of whatever background is, as they will all tell you, that they miss the banter, the craic and the camaraderie.

It’s also been shown that a member of the ex-services community with depression or a feeling of loneliness, no friends, or simply missing forces type humour and banter, can benefit enormously from camaraderie and companionship and in some cases PTSD sufferers can do so as well.

One of the things we as a team in AFSG are very proud of is our success in this simple but very important service, the office is open every Wednesday morning in the week and the first Saturday of each month for a chat, tea, biscuits, assistance if needed, lamp swinging as required and the generation of laughter whenever possible. Our membership is now heading for around 50 and growing each month.

The office is no longer big enough on many occasions and it’s standing room only! Those attending have all identified with the points made regarding this issue and that we are very successful in what we do. They are pleased to be helping the Group to grow. 

We also promote two local forces breakfast clubs that also do some, if not all, of the above. 

"We have no paid Staff"

A little more about us ...

We quietly operate a kids-off-the –street program with cadets and we support four of the local Councils with their Remembrance Sunday services, and any other events such as flag raising. Also, we operate an outreach program for welfare with the VIC team and we are members of the Pendle Armed Forces Covenant Group. Two of the local breakfast clubs also receive our support and we work with our local Regiment for recruitment.

A very special "Thank You" ...

A very special thank you goes to the local ASDA, Morrisons, Pendle Rise Shopping Centre and Pendle Village Mill stores who are VERY supportive of our fund raising efforts!


Come and join us ...

We open each Wednesday Morning, and every 1st Saturday of the month between the hours of 10.00 - 13.00 for help or social meetings of the team, now numbering over 40.

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Each Wednesday and Thursday morning, and every 1st Saturday of the month 10.00-13.00