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As a small group we simply don’t have the required finances to support individual cases some of which could take a great amount of expertise, time and money.

So, instead, we are a sign posting group, this means we have over a period of time contacted or sourced a great many individual organisations who can and do help in many, sometimes complex, ways.

Examples of those organisations we have a good working relationship with are: 

Local NHS Mental Health Teams. 

Local Housing Authorities.

The Veterans Agency and its many outlets.



Veterans in Communities (VIC) of which we are a member.

Also …. 

Many local business outlets including three Supermarkets all of whom (behind the scenes) have schemes to try and help the Ex Services Community. 

We frequently get asked about Medal mounting and claiming for Medals that were earned but never issued. We have a list of Companies that do mountings and we can also claim for Medals from the MoD on behalf of our Members. 

War pensions and Military Pensions is another area that we can direct people to in order to obtain the correct information.

We have a good knowledge of the various department heads within the Local Authority.

We are listed by the Local Regiments Welfare Officer as a means of help, and they have referred to us on a number of occasions. 

The Lancaster University team on Forces Welfare Projects have also listed us and we attend various discussions with them.

Over the past two years we have handled around thirty five different requests and to date we have managed to complete them all. 

"We have no paid Staff"

A little more about us ...

We quietly operate a kids-off-the –street program with cadets and we support four of the local Councils with their Remembrance Sunday services, and any other events such as flag raising. Also, we operate an outreach program for welfare with the VIC team and we are members of the Pendle Armed Forces Covenant Group. Two of the local breakfast clubs also receive our support and we work with our local Regiment for recruitment.

A very special "Thank You" ...

A very special thank you goes to the local ASDA, Morrisons, Pendle Rise Shopping Centre and Pendle Village Mill stores who are VERY supportive of our fund raising efforts!


Come and join us ...

We open each Wednesday Morning, and every 1st Saturday of the month between the hours of 10.00 - 13.00 for help or social meetings of the team, now numbering over 40.

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